Pediatric School-Based Health Clinics


The Board of Education’s Comprehensive School-Based Health Clinics are Pediatric Health Clinics that provide children access to quality care inside the school. Our clinics provide:

Pediatric Doctor scheduled appointments for sick and well-care preventative services

Dental Care

Vision Care Both screening, exam, and eyeglasses

Nutrition Education and parents/guardians workshops

Behavioral Health Counseling and Social Work Support for students and families

Audiology screenings

Our goal is to help each and every child in our school community so please reach out to us whether your child has insurance or not.  Please visit the NJ Family Care website to apply for insurance if you lack coverage as well to see if you qualify. Contact your School’s Health Clinic below if you have any questions regarding NJ Family Care application process, or to enroll your child(ren) in our School-Based Health Clinic today!

Oakwood Community School Health Clinic: 973-677-4000 ext. 3621

Rosa Parks Community School Health Clinic: 973-677-4000 ext.1224

NJ Family care

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